To make itself more effective the Business Council has organised itself into a series of working groups.  These take forward the ideas and suggestions of the Business Council as well as providing a voice to companies who are present in both the UAE and the UK but who do not have a voice on the Business Council itself.

The Working Groups are:

  • Education, Vocational Skills & Training, Social & Cultural Development;
  • Energy and Sustainable Growth;
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences;
  • Industry & Infrastructure;
  • Innovation, Future Technologies & the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Both the UAE and UK Governments’ recognise the key role played by SMEs in the economy.  Each of our working groups include prominent and emerging SMEs from both countries. This allows SMEs the opportunity to work closely with more established businesses in a sectoral driven manner. and ensures that SME-specific issues form a key part of each working group’s agendas and goals.