Membership is by invitation only, although the CEOs of interested companies may contact either the UK Secretariat or the UAE Support Committee to express an interest.

Members pay 55,000AED per annum

Membership is by invitation only but interested parties should express an interest to the UK Secretariat or the UAE Support Committee.

The first meeting of the Business Council took place in September 2011.

Please submit your details on our contact form, advising the sectors you are interested in.

While both organisations seek to promote and increase bilateral trade between the UK and the UAE, the UAE-UK Business Council is a high-level CEO forum that aims to identify areas where the two sides can co-operate to extend trading relations, while removing market barriers.  The British Business Group (of which there are two in the UAE, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and the Northern Emirates) provides a platform for the British business community to network, share best practice, and demonstrate in practical terms the commitment of British business to the country and the wider region. 

The UAE-UK Business Council and the British Business Groups work closely together to identify ways of enhancing opportunities and benefits for the business community and the two-way trading relationship.  Both BBG Chairmen are members of the UAE-UK Business Council.

We currently have 7 working groups

  • Infrastructure
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Energy
  • Education & Skills
  • Security & Aerospace
  • 4th Industrial Revolution, Manufacturing & SMEs
  • Financial & Professional Services