The UAE and the UK have a long standing historical relationship and the cooperation agreements in place between our two countries reflects the depth and strength of these relationships

The UAE UK Business Council was established in 2011 as a not-for-profit organisation to develop business relations and increase trade between the UAE and the UK.  The Business Council hit its original target to increase bilateral trade to £12bn by 2014 and we are now looking to broaden our mandate to support growing areas of bilateral opportunity and increase bilateral trade to £25bn.

We have identified financial services and fintech, education and professional development, life sciences, green energy and A.I. as additional priorities for the Business Council.  The development of these sectors is also a key priority for our respective Governments, who recognise them as future economic engines that will deliver significant skilled employment and international trade opportunities.

Our priority as co-chairs is to establish platforms for a broader range of companies to participate in the UAE – UK trade relationship.  Greater investment, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing between the UK and the UAE can only benefit both our economies in the long term.