The UAE and the UK have a long standing historical relationship and the cooperation agreements in place between our two countries reflects the depth and strength of these relationships

The creation of the UAE-UK Business Council in 2011 underlined the recognition by both governments of the important role to be played by business in developing further the existing multi-layered relationship; with strategic partnerships in many of the major investment and trade areas supporting the sustainable social and economic development of both countries.

In short, the Business Council operates at the strategic level, identifying both barriers to and trade and investment.  It tries to break down the former and cultivate the latter.

We were both delighted by the role played by the Business Council and its various working groups in achieving ahead of time in 2014, the original bilateral trade and investment target of £12 billion.  We have not rested on our laurels though and the relationships we have helped to foster, particularly across the seven core sectors of our working groups, are helping us work towards our current, ambitious target of £25 billion.